Main entrance to the pavilion’s courtyard


Project: Undergrad 5th year - Fall 2015
Teammate: Addison Kleinbrham
Professor: Pablo Meninato
Location: Philadelphia, PA - United States

Project Brief: 

As a part of the Ed Bacon Better Philadelphia Challenge our master plan for Mantua/Belmont focuses on introducing a network of public squares that focus on improving the health of all within the area. To us, a healthy neighborhood is comprised of areas for recreation, and areas that offer healthy food options. Seen in our master plan are the five proposed main squares in Mantua/Belmont connected by pedestrian and bike friendly greenways. Our hope for the neighborhoods is that we can restore the urban fabric with housing that complements existing housing types. Also celebrating the local artist culture.

The original plan for Philadelphia by William Penn was designed around the public square, he included five open public spaces in the heart of what is now center city. Those five squares have lasted and are an escape from the dense urban fabric found in center city today. Just across the Schuylkill River from the Philadelphia Art Museum are the neighborhoods of Belmont and Mantua, two neighborhoods planned without any large public gathering space.


120615 Final Axon.jpg