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Project: Undergrad 3rd year - Fall 2015
Professor: Christopher Stromberg
Location: Philadelphia, PA - United States

Project Brief: 

The intent of the project is to use the location of formerly known as the George W. Childs Elementary School in South Philadelphia and propose a new program that could potentially revitalize the neighborhood of Point Breeze and help solve some of the issues that the community of Point Breeze has. 

The broad  critical issue includes access to healthy food stores, and the issues specific to the site include pedestrian and bike circulation. Therefore, proposing pathways for circulation on site will help increase and enhance the circulation on the existing streets. 

A portion of the existing building facade is historically preserved; therefore, the proposed building mass engages the historical brick facade. 

The program comprises a Farmers Market, Marketplace, Bike hub, and a ceramic school. The school offers ceramic classes for different age groups; it has studios and a gallery to serve the artistic community in the neighborhood. The design of the building connects the different programs together but gives a specific character and functionality to each one.

site axon 2.jpg

Site - Existing Conditions

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